Is 多伦多 in a housing bubble?

通过Gerv Tacadena 2020年2月25日

Around four in five Canadians in 多伦多 perceive the city to be in a housing bubble, according to the latest study by Zillow and Ipsos.

Eighty percent of Canadians living in 多伦多 think the city has inflated housing prices and is at risk for a correction. Due to this reason, 77% of buyers doubt their ability to own a home.

Canadians in 多伦多 cited several barriers to homeownership, the biggest of which is coming up with a down payment. Other challenges include high mortgage repayments, home-loan qualifications, debt, and lack of job security.


多伦多's house prices are expected to remain on an uptrend due to a supply crunch. According to the 多伦多 Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), the average selling price in 多伦多 is forecast to increase by 10% to $900,000 this year.

"最终结果将是明年的价格增长加速,因为越来越多的购房者争夺数量可能与2019年相同或更少的房屋清单," TRREB said.

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