More low-cost housing options to arise in 艾伯塔省

通过 以法莲(Ephraim Vecina) 2019年3月25日

A 10-year agreement cemented between the governments of Canada and 艾伯塔省 will give rise to more affordable housing units in the province over the next decade.

The deal involves the investment of $678 million in the renewal and expansion of 艾伯塔省’廉价住房,两国政府各提供3.39亿美元作为长期资金。

协议– which will greatly support 艾伯塔省’关于房屋维修,建造和负担能力的倡议– comes in addition to the more than $638 million in existing 10-year federal housing investments in 艾伯塔省, coursed through the Social Housing Agreement.

The Liberal administration has invested almost $510 million in 艾伯塔省’自2015年11月以来一直居住在该省。’的购房者和消费者特别辛苦。

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“Alberta’s first Affordable Housing 战略 was launched in 2017 with the goal of building and renewing 4,100 units, and that goal is about to be achieved and exceeded. This new agreement means 艾伯塔省 can continue our bold approach to address the housing needs of 艾伯塔省ns,” 艾伯塔省 Minister of Seniors and Housing Lori Sigurdson said.

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